Viral infection concept. Floating virus.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020.


As of 12 noon today, no residents or patients of our facility have tested positive for COVID-19.


We continue to monitor every resident, patient, and healthcare worker on site for fever and other symptoms of coronavirus.


Our ban on visitors is still in place, per Centers for Disease Control and Ohio Department of Health requirements, and we do not yet know when that will be lifted.


We encourage you to reach out to your loved ones through phone, email, texts, and video chat.  Our residents are encouraged to ask for one of our iPads for video calls, that we have for them to reach out to their families and friends.


If you would like to know all of the protections we have in place for our residents and healthcare workers, this CDC memo provides a lot of information about the care we are all taking during these challenging times in nursing facilities: